I do not make breaks for local (Valencia) and national (Spain) holidays. The calendar of the classes is given at the beginning of each month/period. If the student wants to have a break on a public holiday in their city/country, they can do that providing they recover the missed class in the next 4 weeks or recover it before the actual holiday. The same applies to Christmas holidays.

If the student decides to take holidays or simply a break from classes for e.g. 2 weeks or 1 month, they need to recover these classes in order to be able to continue the course after coming back in their normal time slot. If they do not do it, I do not reserve their spot and offer it to another student. Also, the price might be higher for a student who comes back after such a break.

When it comes to summertime (July-August), I usually offer classes during this time unless I go on holidays myself. In that case I inform the student.