Check out my list of FAQs here. If you still have any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact me.

1. What are the prices of a private course for one person?

Trial class: €30 for 1h.

Packages (min. 1h per week):
3-month package: €30 for 1h.
2-month package: €33 for 1h.
1-month package: €35 for 1h.

The packages start and renew at the beginning of each month/period. The total cost of the package depends on the number of classes in each month/period.

For example, if you want to buy a 1-month package in November 2022 and have classes twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, the total number of hours that month is 9, therefore the cost will be 9 x 35 = 315 euros.

2. Do the prices change during the year?

The prices do not change during the “school year” (September to August). That is, if you start classes in e.g. December 2022, the price is guaranteed until August 2023. The prices might increase the following “school year”. 

3. Do you teach adults, children or teenagers?

I only teach adults.

4. What are the available payment methods?

Transfers to my Spanish bank account or via PayPal, both in euro. You can also pay in cash if you live in Valencia.

5. What is the payment deadline?

Trial class: before the class at the time of booking.
If it is your first package, before the first class of this package at the time of booking.
If it is your subsequent package, by 7th day after I issue an invoice (I usually do it at the beginning of the month/period).

6. What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel less than 24 h before the scheduled class, the payment for this class is not returned. If you do not show up during the first 15 min of the class without letting me know, I consider it as your late cancellation.
If you cancel more than 24 h before the scheduled class, you must rearrange it within the following 4 weeks. Rearranging means arranging a different time/day for this class, not replacing an already scheduled class. If it is impossible to arrange a suitable day and time for a class rearrangement for both of us within the following 4 weeks, the payment for this class is not returned.
If I cancel the class myself at any moment, we can rearrange it within the following 4 weeks. If it is impossible to arrange a suitable day/time for a class rearrangement for both of us, the payment for this class is returned.

7. How often can I cancel the classes?

I do not have any specific rule regarding the number of late or early cancellations you can make. However, if I see they are too frequent, the course may be terminated.

8. Are there breaks during official holidays/summer time?

I do not make breaks for local (Valencia) and national (Spain) holidays. The calendar of the classes is given at the beginning of each month/period. If the student wants to have a break on a public holiday in their city/country, they can do that providing they recover the missed class in the next 4 weeks or recover it before the actual holiday. The same applies to Christmas holidays.

If the student decides to take holidays or simply a break from classes for e.g. 2 weeks or 1 month, they need to recover these classes in order to be able to continue the course after coming back in their normal time slot. If they do not do it, I do not reserve their spot and offer it to another student. Also, the price might be higher for a student who comes back after such a break.

When it comes to summertime (July-August), I usually offer classes during this time unless I go on holidays myself. In that case I inform the student.


9. What is your availability?

Monday-Friday, 08:00-18:00 (Valencia time).

Contact me for my current availability.

10. How long does a course last?

It completely depends on your objective.
If all you want is to learn basic things e.g. how to order a beer in a bar or how to count until 10, a 30-minute one-off class should be enough. Another example: Specific Course: Spanish to Stay Afloat is a programme designed to be covered in around 15 hours of classes.
However, if your goal is to achieve an upper-intermediate level of Spanish, i.e. to get to at least B2 level, you will have to dedicate quite some time. The estimated number of hours of classes you need to cover the material from A1 level is 60h, A2- 120h, B1- 180h and B2- 180h. This way, if your objective is to get to B2 level, you will need around 540h of classes. As a reference, if you want to have 2 hours of classes per week with no breaks for holidays, in order to meet this target you will need around 5 years.
Of course it also depends on other factors, e.g. your mother tongue, your knowledge of other foreign languages, if you already live in Spain, if you do homework regularly, if you practice Spanish outside the classroom, etc.

11. How often should I have the classes?

Minimum 1h per week, but I suggest having two 1h classes per week. I also offer intensive courses, that is three or four 1h classes per week. This way the student takes advantage of the momentum and is able to cover more material.

You should remember that on top of that you will have to find time for home assignments and self-study.

12. When can I start?

Any time (subject to availability). I offer classes throughout the year, so you do not need to wait until September to start your course.

13. Is there a trial class?

Yes, it lasts 1 hour and it is paid. After that you can decide if you want to commit to a course and buy a package of classes.

14. Do you offer a consultation before the trial class?

Yes, I offer a free 30-minute consultation during which I will assess your level, learn about your needs and see if we are a good fit. If it turns out we are, then you can book a paid trial class.

15. Who are the courses for?

The courses I offer are for English and Polish speaking adults who have relocated or are planning on relocating to Spain and want to improve their quality of life by becoming effective Spanish speakers. I specialise in teaching Spanish to English and Polish native speakers, but native speakers of other languages are welcome too as long as their level of English is minimum B2.
The courses are also for people who are simply passionate about languages and want to develop their Spanish language skills, improve their pronunciation and advance their knowledge of Hispanic culture.
I welcome students who take learning Spanish seriously, are highly motivated, take responsibility for their own learning process by regularly doing homework and working outside of class independently.

16. What are the available types of courses?

I offer individual courses from A1 to B2 level.
Currently available types of courses:
– General Course,
– Conversation Course,
– Specific Course: Spanish to Stay Afloat.

17. What is General Course?

In this course you develop all the language competences: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We follow the syllabus of the series of student’s books called Aula Internacional Plus. Its content includes communication, grammar and vocabulary. I complement it with other materials like articles, videos and songs.
Available levels: A1, A2, B1, B2.

18. What is Conversation Course?

In this course you develop mainly two language competences: speaking and listening. We choose topics from the list (available upon request) which includes e.g. music, films, literature and travels. During the class you will also learn new vocabulary and correct usage of grammar. The materials used are pictures, articles and videos.
Available levels: B1, B2.

19. What is Specific Course: Spanish to Stay Afloat?

In this course we follow a specific language syllabus based on daily communication. We cover daily situations such as at the supermarket, at the market, at the restaurant or at the health centre.
Available levels: A1, A2.

20. Do you use English/Polish in class?

Yes, especially with the lower levels (A1 and A2.1). It is important for me that the student feels comfortable in class and is aware of what is going on at any point of the class and does not feel lost or overwhelmed, therefore I prefer to use their mother tongue. I use a lot of translation with the beginners and also explain the grammar or pronunciation by making comparisons between Spanish and English/Polish (or other languages we both know).

With the higher levels (A2.2, B1, B2) I hardly ever use English/Polish in class unless it is really necessary.

21. Are there any home assignments?

Yes. There is a home assignment after each class. I expect you to be highly motivated, take learning Spanish seriously, take responsibility for your own learning process by regularly doing assignments and working outside of class independently.

22. What equipment do I need?

The classes are given via Zoom. You need a computer (not a mobile phone), good Internet connection (ideally via Ethernet cable), webcamera, headphones, a microphone and a quiet room. You do not have to wear the headphones each time, but please have them ready in case there is an echo or if there is another person staying in your room.

23. What are your qualifications and experience?

You can read about it extensively in the About section.